Yoga in conjunction with Ayurveda has a cure for practically every illness known and unknown to man. Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint pain, chronic ailments, why even terminal illnesses like cancer have been known to be cured by Yoga. On the other side, there is nothing better than Yoga to treat mental disorders like depression. Yoga in conjunction with Ayurveda has a cure for practically every illness known and unknown to man. It would please you know that Dr Gauri offers both basic and advanced training in Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation.

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Yoga in a nutshell

Yoga has positive effects on body, mind and soul. A Yoga practitioner achieves health on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. No matter how hectic one’s lifestyle is, Yoga can help a person cope up with it and actually enjoy it.

Yoga is a ladder with 8 steps

Yoga has been developed over thousands of years. Over the years, great Yoga teachers have been constantly innovating and improving on the various aspects of Yoga. Therefore Yoga is not a fad but a way of life that all the greats have embraced.

Yogasana means to connect body, mind and soul with help of asanas or postures. This is an art. It is described thoroughly by the Indian sage Patanjali in ‘PatanjaliSutras’. Most of us think of Yoga as only postures and as a means for physical fitness. Physical fitness is but a side effect of Yoga that the practitioner gets by default. At the core, Yoga is a spiritual practice. One who is on the path of Yoga requires strong resolve and determination for keeping up with daily practice.

Yogasanas and Pranayam are a science and its practice needs precision. It has to be done with accurate technique and under supervision. Wrong technique and practices can lead to serious health problems.

Feb 2018

Rambaan Kriya Workshop

Rambaan Kriya Free workshop is scheduled on 2nd, 3rd and 4th February, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Bandra East, Mumbai.

The Dr Gauri Advantage

Dr Gauri has been a student of Yoga for over a decade now. She learned Yoga at the Swami Iyengar Institute of Yoga. True to her learning, Dr Gauri uses props to help people with stiff and unrelenting joints to achieve the maximum benefits of each asana. Which is why people of all ages – right from 10 to 75 can learn and practice Yoga at Dr Gauri’s and live a healthy life.

Besides, Dr Gauri is a qualified medical doctor – an ENT surgeon – and she knows the human anatomy and physiology accurately. Generally, Yoga practitioners may take many years before they are taught meditation techniques. Thankfully, Dr Gauri is also a Reiki Grandmaster and she can teach meditation from the very first day of practice.

Case studies

  • The car accident victim

    A middle-aged man had a car accident and was badly injured and hospitalized. Two months after discharge from the hospital, all the injuries on his head, face and legs were healed but the injury to the neck had caused him cervical disc prolapse and he was unable to move his left arm without taking support from his right hand. There was also severe pain in left upper leg. For this particular medical problem, Dr Gauri put him on an appropriate Yoga posture regimen with personal attention for four days. In two days time, the pain had abated considerably. In the next four days, he had marked improvement in movements of the left upper extremity. Despite the drastic improvement, he was advised to continue Yoga as a lifelong practice. The highpoint is, in a month’s time he was able to drive his car again.

  • The nose that ran and ran

    A college student, a girl was suffering from allergic rhinitis (runny nose and stuffy nose/blocked nose) since childhood. She came to consult Dr Gauri for the ENT problem. After confirming the diagnosis, Dr Gauri explained to her and her parents that allergic problems can be controlled fully with the nasal spray but there’s no ultimate cure. So the girl will have to take the spray for longer duration and it was safe. The girl did not want the spray and wished to get rid of the allergy. It was then that Dr Gauri suggested Pranayam. She was willing to learn and devote time for the daily practice afterwards. She was taught Pranayam the correct way and followed a sequence of certain exercises with personal attention for 15 days. In first 7 days, her complaint of a running nose reduced and that of blocked nose disappeared. At the end of training, she was advised to continue the same practices and come for a review after 6 months so that some more Pranayam techniques could be included. She still practices her Pranayam today and is free of all her problems.

  • Acidity and joint pain

    A young man of 35 wanted to learn Yoga. He was under stress and was having physical problems like acidity, joint pains and laziness. When Dr Gauri probed him, he came up with the real reason for the problems. He had recently lost a close friend to a sudden massive heart attack. The friend was of his age and both were in same profession. Since that day, the young man lost his sleep, lest something may happen to him. Dr Gauri congratulated him for he realized the truth and wished to take proper measures. He was offered personal training of certain Yoga postures for 3 weeks. In three days time, he was feeling relaxed, his acidity and joint pain had disappeared. By end of the 3rd week, he was experiencing complete peace of mind and his stress was relieved completely. Even his languor and joint pain disappeared. He also started sleeping soundly. He was advised to continue with same regimen for 3 months and then come for a follow-up.

  • The sweet remedy

    A 40-year old lady had diabetes for 3 years. Despite taking medicines her sugar levels were uncontrolled. She was very depressed and thought she would never have normal sugar levels. The thought of future complications made her miserable. So she became emotionally vulnerable. Dr Gauri offered her a combination of Yoga postures and Pranayam for 10 days, which would help control her sugars with the prescribed medication. Dr Gauri, as usual, personally taught her the correct way to do her exercises. In 10 days’ time, the lady became stress free, her mood was elated and she regained emotional composure. She was asked to continue with the practice for 3 months and to test the blood sugar every month. Since she was on the Yoga-Pranayam regimen, blood reports for all the three months showed her sugar levels were well under control.

  • The indecisive executive

    A 28-year-old IT professional came for some advice as he was very confused and was unable to take decisions (small or big). Dr Gauri taught him a meditation technique for 4 days. With regular and daily meditation, he is able to take decisions without hesitation. He is no longer confused.

Yoga is a powerful and double-edged sword. Training under a disciplined teacher could be life changing for good. Continuous practice for lifetime is also very essential.