Dr Gauri has learnt Vastushastra from Mr Anant Marathe, (Vastu consultant  of international repute) and offers consultation on all Vastu-related issues. Be it your office, factory premises, commercial complex or your home, with her extensive experience in the science, Dr Gauri offers practical, easily workable Vastu solutions, obviating the need for expensive demolition/alterations.

About Vastushastra

Vastushastra finds its origins in the Vedas. There is nothing magical or mystical about Vastu. It is a scientific approach for making a dwelling a veritable haven – a temple or a place that offers calmness, peace and happiness.

Dr Gauri’s works constantly to combine her skills to produce more and more potent cures. Vastu-Reiki for one is a great leap in that direction. Dr Gauri has combined these two disciplines and eliminated all kinds inconveniences and expenses for people.

Vastu-Reiki requires no costly renovations. It requires no extra expenses like going on pilgrimages, donations, rites, rituals, etc. As a very senior Reiki Grandmaster, Dr Gauri uses Reiki to control the flow of energies in an abode. Dr Gauri’s Vastu-Reiki is a breakthrough in the field of Vastu and has delivered stunning results.


The Dr Gauri Advantage

Dr Gauri is also a qualified yoga teacher, Reiki grandmaster and Vedic astrologer. She applies the combined knowledge of all these sciences to Vastu and delivers outstanding and oftentimes miraculous results. Dr Gauri is a qualified and experienced Vastu consultant. Dr Gauri offers Vastu consultancy, right from property selection to application of powerful meditation techniques to balance the Vastu. Dr Gauri is committed to establish peace, harmony and happiness into every house and commercial space, no matter how huge the challenge.

Case studies

  • The mysterious Mr X

    Mr X a successful professional with a good family background suffered from chronic depression and lost his zest and enthusiasm for life. Strangely, all his medical reports were normal. Dr Gauri after visiting the house suggested but one simple change: the position of the Puja Ghar. In three months’ time, the smile was back on his face.

  • A flat decision

    A couple wanted to buy a bigger flat. They liked similar flats on different levels and were confused which one to go for. The two flats although structurally similar, had entrance and rooms in different directions. They were not satisfied with the advice offered by designers and other Vastu consultants. After perusing Dr Gauri’s profile, they decided to consult her. Dr Gauri threw some light on allocation of rooms to the various members of the family as per advanced Vastu techniques. After all, there were three generations sharing the same house. The father, the son, the grandson. This eased the way for them to buy the flat and also to go ahead with the interiors accordingly.

  • House of worry

    A joint family staying in a 3 BHK flat in an affluent society. After 7 years they started renovating the house. Since they were refurbishing, they felt like seeking the opinion of a Vastu consultant. Dr Gauri visited the house and sensed deep underlying tension. When confronted, the family members came up with the truth. The existing bedrooms and entrance placed in the wrong directions were the cause and also the triggering factor. She deployed some very simple yet powerful Vastu remedies, which would address and tackle the tension. She also offered advice that proved very helpful towards the interior decoration of the house. In 3 months’ time, the remedies started working positively for the family.

In each of the above cases, it all started with a weak Vastu design. Besides, it would be virtually impossible to make major renovations and alterations. Thanks to the anomalies of mass housing and modern architecture, very few homes and offices have an inherent Vastu-friendly design. While the majority of others simply cannot conform to Vastu due to faulty construction and utility design. By simply deploying various Vastu techniques, Dr Gauri can bring about a huge positive turnaround.