Tarot is a deck of cards and the cards are used for predictive and advisory purposes. A querant is a person having question in mind. The vibrations of querant’s hands match with the vibrations of the cards that he/she picks out from the deck. The integrity of vibrations is such that the cards amazingly, unerringly speak the truth.

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Facts About Tarot

It is not very difficult to learn how to read tarot cards. But the most impossible part is to interpret them. Which is where years and years of experience comes in. A great deal of creativity and intuition is also required on part of the reader.

Sept 2017

Tarot Workshop

Our Tarot workshop is scheduled on 17th Sept, 2017 in Mumbai.

The Dr Gauri Advantage

Dr Gauri is a very renowned and experienced Vedic astrologer (Jyotish Bhaskar) and concludes Tarot is an extremely effective way to provide spot solutions as well as long term answers. Dr Gauri brings in a great deal of integration and logic to the process of reading Tarot cards. Her additional experience in Reiki (she is a Grandmaster) positively heightens her sensitivity and focus. She makes use of various Tarot spreads for different kind of situations in life. With Dr Gauri as a Tarot reader, it is possible to have accurate predictions for current situations and also the precise solution.

Additionally, Dr Gauri can help you develop your personality using Tarot cards since you will know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses only makes you stronger. Besides you can strengthen your weaknesses in time. Tarot is useful for improving personal or business/professional relations. The results and rate of success is unimaginably high.

Case studies

  • A happy married life

    A working housewife, Shrestha (name changed) walked into Dr Gauri’s clinic in absolute panic. Dr Gauri set 3 different Tarot spreads to analyze the entire situation. Tarot showed her to be in two minds and she indeed was indecisive about her marriage as she disclosed later that one of her friends had revealed that her husband had been cheating on her for a long time. With the news Shrestha was devastated and totally confused for she did not dare probe into the matter and doubt had already taken total control. Already she had a troubled married life and now this. With Tarot, Dr Gauri reassured her that her husband is not cheating. But there was a caveat to that. Their bond was very weak and it needed strengthening. For this purpose Dr Gauri advised Shrestha to give up her job and spend more time with her spouse in a relaxed state of mind. In six months, Shrestha was enjoying a happy married life with no niggling doubts and is now thinking of taking up a part time job.

  • How dental became mental

    A dental college student was under threat of being detained for insufficient proxy. He was not allowed to fill application form for the second year examination. Dr Gauri read his cards and advised him to meet the principal and very humbly request him to forgive him this time and assure him that the mistake would not be repeated. Dr Gauri also told the student to stop moping and start preparing for the exams and work hard. Because that was the only way the student could reciprocate his principal’s trust. He followed Dr Gauri’s advice and in next 3 days, he applied for the exams, appeared for the same and passed the exams with flying colours.

  • The child scientist

    A man and wife with daughter in tow who had just passed her S.S.C. exams came to meet Dr Gauri for career counselling of the girl. She had secured 85%, Dad wanted her to take up commerce and live a fairly non-competitive and comfortable life. Mom wanted her to be an artist. The girl was strangely silent. Dr Gauri asked the girl to draw the Tarot cards from the deck and told the parents that their child is interested in science and will have a great career in fields like medicine, biology, microbiology and related subjects. The girl has taken admission in the science stream and is a consistent top scorer in the class.

  • The happy parting

    Hanumant (name changed) was in love with Sushmita (name changed) but could not go against the wishes of his parents. He seriously wanted to know the future of the relationship. Dr Gauri read the Tarot cards accurately and advised him sternly that you are going to marry the girl of your parent’s choice so be graceful enough to let Sushmita know the truth. It will be painful but a confession in advance will save Sushmita from a lifetime of anger and depression. Hanumant realized his mistake. Today both are living happy lives with different partners with no ill feelings between them.

Tarot is instant. Tarot is accurate. The cards don’t lie. And it is the card reader who matters.