Astrology is a science written by seers in the ancient times. It is the study of influence of the planets in our solar system on the entire existence and in turn on humans. The Rishis who made the observations were masters in astronomy and mathematics. Their uncanny powers of observation and deep spiritual insights helped build the fundamentals of astrology. A science that stood the test of time for thousands of years. For instance, the western world has learned about the solar system and nine planets only in the last few hundred years, while we have had a whole pantheon of gods named after the sun and planets for thousands of years. Which is why astrology is but an exacting science that needs deep study and vast experience.

How it works

The ancients had a deep study of the celestial bodies and in course of time, they observed that movements of these bodies actually affected people. They used advanced principles of mathematics to decipher this equation. The ancients noticed that routine movements of the celestial bodies affected specific people whose birth date, time and place of workship were common. Imagine being able to do all these without so much as a simple telescope – leave alone all the advanced equipment that today’s astronomers use.

Dr Gauri had been exposed to the principles of astrology from a very early age. It is only some years back that she decided to pursue it under the guidance of a qualified guru. Thanks to her inborn diligence and hard work, she quickly mastered the science and starting taking up astrological assignments and projects.

Dr Gauri is a fully qualified Jyotish Bhaskar and offers Astrology and Numerology consultancy in addition to a whole gamut of holistic healing. Her objective and focus in offering consultation is to bring health, peace and joy to everyone’s life.

The Dr Gauri Advantage

An Astrology consultant requires a spiritual base – it is paramount to offer positive and accurate guidance. Astrology also requires great analytical and communication skills. Dr Gauri being a Reiki Grandmaster had already acquired great meditation skills that help her focus her energies into coming up with accurate predictions. Her experience as a consultant and surgeon help her offer advice and counsel on the predictions. It is given that in life, everyone has his share of troubles and hardships. With help of positive guidance from Dr Gauri, one can steer clear of the hurdles and know the path towards happiness.

She comes up with simple and practical solutions that are easy to follow. The rare combination of her skills is unparalleled. To become an astrologer, one has to spend years and years of trial and error to get accurate results. Dr Gauri is a qualified Medical Yoga teacher as well as a Reiki Grandmaster and Vastu consultant. Over the years, she has succeeded in combining all these skills to deliver truly effective solutions to people’s problems. Therefore, Dr Gauri can predict as well as advise you on the course of action you should take. Please note, most of Dr Gauri’s solutions do not require you to go on long pilgrimages or splurge money on religious ceremonies or appeasement of “seemingly” holy men.

Case studies

  • The missing wife.

    A gentleman approached Dr Gauri with a rather curious problem - his wife, the mother of one, had been missing from home for six months. There was no trace leading to her where abouts. He was searching for her ever since and was worried for her safety and despaired for her life. He had tried every option. After giving the details of her birth and the exact date she went missing, Dr Gauri advised him not to panic since she was safe. She had gone away in a fit of anger and a long standing post marriage adjustment disorder was Dr Gauri’s astrological analysis, the fact being confirmed by the gentleman. She comforted him and advised him to remain calm and not to spend any more money or time, according to Dr Gauri, the missing spouse would be back before the next three months were out. He was also advised to be gentle with his wife upon her return and welcome her back with love. As was foretold, the lady came back within 3 months. Then, Dr Gauri further counseled the couple with the help of astrology about the adjustments each one needed to do so as to avoid any further stress in the family. Today, the lady is the mother of two.

  • The successful business plan

    An educated couple wanted to get into a business venture but they were not sure if the venture would prosper. They had given it thought for long and didn’t quite know their prospects. They came to consult Dr Gauri on the advice of a well-wisher. After studying their respective kundalis, Dr Gauri advised them to immediately start the business in partnership with each other. More than plain advice and counsel, Dr Gauri actually presented them a fully-detailed business plan. They were encouraged to go ahead with the venture and were told that they would greatly benefit in interface-related businesses and not in production and that they should think of expanding along those lines. A detailed SWOT analysis was presented to them and a concrete course of action was presented to them. The good time to start and waiting period was predicted. They have started with their dream project now and are going great guns.

  • The happy-ever-after marriage

    A worried mother came to consult Dr Gauri about her young engineer daughter. The daughter was not ready for marriage and the mother was overly sensitive. This created a lot of tension and both were miserable. After studying the astrological profile of the girl, Dr Gauri asked the duo whether: (1) The girl was in love with a boy from a different caste (2) The boy was reluctant to tie the knot, though his parents were willing. The answer to both was yes. Dr Gauri then advised the mother not to cajole the girl at all and in next six months she will get over it on her own and be ready for other proposals. The mother followed the advice and as a result she came closer to her daughter and enjoyed some very happy moments. The girl gained strength from the loving and now relaxed mother. In the predicted time frame, the girl was ready and comfortable with the new proposals for an arranged marriage. Soon she got married into a good family.

  • Acidity and indigestion in a Kundali

    A middle-aged businessman was overtly anxious about his health. He admitted he was not suffering from any major illness but wished to take precautions well ahead of time. Dr Gauri studied his natal chart and asked him if he had stomach problems like acidity and indigestion and also cervical spondylitis. He was amazed that from a kundali his health had judged to the point of accuracy. He was then advised not to neglect his health. The neck will be better with proper exercises; however the stomach problem will linger on. The cure for it was meditation.

  • The matchless match

    On the morning of Cricket World Cup Finals, 2010 when India was playing against Sri Lanka, Dr Gauri received a strange astrological query from one of her ENT patients, a cricket lover. The Question was “Who will win match today?” A Prasna chart was created and studied by Dr Gauri. Within 10 minutes, his question was answered: “Today India shall win the match.” He saw the prediction come true the same evening.

  • The timely resignation letter

    A former astrology client of Dr Gauri called her one evening at 5 pm and asked her if it would be wise to resign from his current job. He had only one hour to take the decision. A Prasna chart was made and it was studied in relation with to his natal chart. Dr Gauri advised him to resign with a calm and relaxed mind. He did so and in next 2 days he joined a new company that offered him a better package and profile of his liking.

Astrology in the proper hands can help people take good decisions, live the good life, make them strong and yet stay away from unnecessary rituals and expenses.